This is Nausheen Ahmed, i am a self williing person, who beleives in herself and much motivateed to accept any task which ends with perfection. I use internet as a tool of self improvement and learning..

I did several assignments earlier than this, which are as:

 I worked for ilmoamal welfare Association as a coordinator-Education. I worked virtually through online Beneficiary Management System (BMS), like translation of the review forms and to update all required relevant information and telephonic communication with the beneficiaries and the staff of Association.  My responsibilities were to see the relevant applications and to keep a check on the field volunteers in order to get all required information updated and correct. Besides, I visited different schools and met the principal and the beneficiary kids to whom Association was providing the scholarship.

Besides all these, i  m caring, loving,s imlpe and easy going for those who understand me...i dont like those who make me bore with their mal logics and irritating nature...i m moody, funloving and like to adopt changes in my life. I believe EXPECTATIONS always hurt u so try ur level best not to expact any thing from anyone INSHALLAH u will b HAPPY in ur life...Have ur complete nd absolute Faith on ALLAH he will never let u down... i always say whatever i feel try my level best not to hurt others...i m caring person with good Muslim upbringing... l am very dedicated to my family,friends and all relations...I m helphul for my friends at any time and do whatever i can.

Best Regards,

Nausheen Ahmed